Kensington Boutique Villas

Kensington Boutique Villas

Kensington Boutique Villas

KENSINGTON BOUTIQUE VILLAS Inspired by the affluent London district, Kensington, this community of boutique villas offers a sophisticated way of life. Grand architecture, manicured outdoor spaces and bursts of colourful flora define each Kensington Boutique Villa, making this neighbourhood one of the city’s most esteemed addresses. a quintessential address

KENSINGTON BOUTIQUE VILLAS – Kensington Boutique Villas offer an unmatched way of life. Set within a wonderful lush community, they offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With luxury services on hand whenever you need them, your boutique villa is a blissful place that you get to call home. nestled in the heart of nature

KENSINGTON BOUTIQUE VILLAS – You have arrived Homes are fully serviced and furnished by DAMAC Maison, with a variety of sizes and arrangements to accommodate your needs. Our expert designers have searched high and low for only the best furnishings, fittings and décor which not only ensure comfort but add a touch of luxury as well. special offer we have for Kensington Boutique villas in Akoya Oxygen with a 4%* commission on the sale of 2 units and above during the month of February 2017.  Your clients will be offered furnished and serviced villas with features and amenities attached for your reference. These villas are situated in multiple clusters in Akoya Oxgen with villa details and prices listed below.

For easy reference, 2 bedroom furnished and serviced villas are offered at starting price of AED 1,350,000 and 3 or 4 bedroom furnished and serviced villas at AED 1,600,000. 

Villa Type        Description                 Total  Area       Starting    Price    Clusters Available            
R2-M11Two Bedroom2,0321,350,000Centaury, Janusia
R2-M14Three Bedroom2,4441,600,000Centaury, Janusia
R2-MbThree Bedroom2,4621,600,000Aster, Juniper, Mulberry, Zinnia
RH-MTThree Bedroom2,4621,600,000Aster, Juniper, Coursetia, Zinnia
U-BbThree Bedroom2,4781,600,000Centaury, Janusia, Trixis,
X-R2M11Two Bedroom2,0281,350,000Pacifica
X-R2M14Three Bedroom2,4591,600,000Pacifica, Sanctnary
XR4-M14Four Bedroom2,3001,600,000Pacifica
XU4-BbFour Bedroom2,4781,600,000Sanctnary
XU-BbThree Bedroom2,4781,600,000Sanctnary, Pacifica, Amazonia



Kensington Boutique Villas
Payment plan will be as follows: 
– Down payment: 20% + 4% DLD registration
Within 180 days from sale date: 5%
Within 300 days from sale date: 5%
Within 540 days from sale date: 10%
Within 630 days from sale date: 10%
Within 720 days from sale date: 10%
Within 900 days from sale date: 10%
– On completion: 30%
Kensington Boutique Villas Kensington Boutique Villas CALL+919958959555
Anticipated Completed Dates by cluster**:

Centaury: Q1 2019
Janusia: Q1 2019
Aster: Q3 2018
Claret: Q4 2018
Coursetia: Q3 2018
Juniper: Q4 2018
Primrose: Q4 2018
Zinnia: Q4 2018
Trixis: Q2 2019
Amazonia: Q3 2018
Pacifica: Q1 2019
Sanctnary: Q3 2019

KENSINGTON BOUTIQUE VILLAS a neutral color palette blends in effortlessly with the environment, an opportunity at your fingertips When you purchase a villa, you have the option to become part of our rental pool, managed exclusively by our team of hospitality specialists. This means that as an owner, you can earn rental income from your property when you are not staying there yourself.
KENSINGTON BOUTIQUE VILLAS The villas are situated in a prestigious golf community where the world-renowned Trump International Golf Club Dubai is at the heart. The 30,000-square-foot clubhouse is the largest of its kind in the region, featuring fine restaurants and a state-of-the-art spa. The club also offers you an incredible opportunity to improve your golfing skills under the guidance of PGA-certified coaches. Play, dine and unwind just a few steps from your front door. The first golf community of its kind.
KENSINGTON BOUTIQUE VILLAS An incredible development, Vista Lux invites you to take life at a more relaxed pace. Stroll down the promenade of high-end fashion and lifestyle boutiques, enjoy meals with friends and loved ones, or simply take in the breathtaking views of the lakes and surrounds. vista lux.
KENSINGTON BOUTIQUE VILLAS soft, plush textures are used to create a calming ambiance,a pampered lifestyle Choose to indulge in our expert hotel services whenever the need arises. From a golf caddy to a personal shopper, delicious home-style dinners, and more, we’ll ensure your needs are not only met, but exceeded as well.
Kensington Boutique Villas Kensington Boutique Villas CALL+919958959555
Kensington Boutique Villas Kensington Boutique Villas CALL+919958959555

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