With not much of an introduction required, the DAMAC group has already acquired the top most position among the luxury real estate developers present in Dubai. With DAMAC Akoya Oxygen being one of the top most projects developed, the real estate industry of Dubai has added on to its list of luxury buildings, a glittering star project that has attracted all the residents of Dubai. The Akoya villas besides being a very beautiful space to live in also offer the residents a variety of facilities that help the residents feel the luxurious life style and relax in the surroundings of the place. The Damac properties found emergence in the year of 2002 and from then on, there has been no retracing of steps for the company. All the DAMAC properties have known from that time onward is a rising standard and a glorious name among the real estate developers of Dubai. The growth of the company is not just restricted to the country of Dubai but the company has made its presence felt all over the Middle East, United Kingdom and GCC.

The focus of Damac properties is not just to create homes comprising of walls and roofs, but to create and mark the luxurious standards of living that make life a joyful experience. Their limited edition towers are high rise and equipped with all kinds of high tech amenities that provide the residents an A class living experience. World famous brands such as Versace, Bugatti, Fendi and many more have collaborated with Damac properties to provide a new living style to Dubai. Apart from the regular apartments in these towers, one can also be the owner of luxurious hotel apartments in five star hotels that are well serviced at all times round the clock. The Akoya by Damac project has been designed keeping in mind the soaring high temperatures of Dubai and hence, there are lots of tree plantations in and around the high rise towers. Watching the pomp and show of this great city from above, seated by the side of your apartment window is a great pleasure.  Being a limited edition luxury project, you may be thinking that the prices of Akoya Oxygen must be sky high. But most unlikely, this is not the case. The Damac Akoya Oxygen prices are very well affordable by the common man of Dubai. The reviews of this place also seem to be quite inviting. The entire community has been designed carefully with a master plan that favors the reduction in pollution levels by the creation of a highly efficient network of roads. The homes are constructed in a manner that brings out their maximum efficiency along with giving the residents the natural touch of nature.

All the Dubai residents who wish to be the proud owners of luxurious and high tech apartments in Akoya by Damac should make their move now. Get apartments that offer the best views of the city at costs that do not create holes in your pocket and enjoy a lifetime of luxury.


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