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Aykon City


2-bedroom apartments overlooking Dubai Canal from USD 370,500*

Prime location on Sheikh Zayed Road|Premium interiors with superlative finishing | AYKON Plaza – the development’s entertainment hub DAMAC AYKON City SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD, DUBAI, UAE


DAMAC property has unveiled a new phase in the aykon city development project in sheikh zayed road, Dubai. They are very popular real estate developer. After successfully delivering luxury residential, commercial project, DAMAC properties are launching luxurious paramount hotel and residences in sheikh zayed road. Who don’t want to have luxury apartment in sheikh zayed road. Everybody wants to have their house on wonderful location. Then, why would you miss this big opportunity.

Sheikh Zayed road is well known as E 11. This road is the heart of the city. Many highways, hotels, luxurious farmhouses are connected to the sheikh zayed road. It is just 5 min away from Dubai mall, burj khalifa, Dubai fountain. This road has become one of the most popular and prime location of the Dubai city. Whenever any visitor visits to Dubai, one can’t resist himself to watch Sheikh Zayed road. It gives all in one view of this big city. Leisure bars and restaurant around this road makes it more beautiful.  These apartments also have green key certification.

Dubai is known as the city of gold. It is the second emirates among the United Arab Emirates. It is well renowned as a wonder of the modern world. Today Dubai has a very different cultural as compared to the other time. Everybody wish to have a dream home in this wonderful city. But now all this is going to be in your pocket. Nowadays everyone wants to show their standard of living by their luxurious lifestyle. DAMAC properties is not only giving luxurious residential apartments but also amazing interiors which you will going to love this for sure. A wonderful home in the wonderful city is like a dream comes true. We are offering something new and out of the box for the improvisation of the wellbeing. Now you are in the city which have largest mall of the world, largest garden, largest water cannon and many more. It is the only city in the world which has everything biggest and largest. The wonderful thing is that it has world largest gold ring i.e. gold souq. Dubai south is going to become an economic hub which is offering not only quality of life but also improves standard of living.

Everybody wants to have their dream homes as one wants to live quality of life. Here, DAMAC properties are offering 3 bedroom apartments in very affordable rates. They are also providing many facilities and services if anyone needs.

After delivering wonderful homes to 18500 customers, DAMAC properties are ready to serve to its next customers. They provide dream homes in very affordable rates. But there is no compromise with the quality of homes, interior, or any other important facilities. DAMAC properties are offering many amenities like children playground, cafes, dining, luxury spa, steam room, parking, events facilities, gym, kid’s studio club, and disabled accessibility. So, here you are getting everything at one place. Don’t miss this big opportunity and get your dream about your home comes true.

Damac aykon city

Damac aykon city is the first project launch on Dubai’s sheikh road. The property is placed to overlook Dubai canal with the views of the most prestigious neighborhood. Damac property is itself very popular because of its name in the luxury estate market, and now with the launch of more new projects with each passing day, their popularity is growing. By launching many new plans every time and also completing them with superb speed, the damac properties are now all set to take the largest and desired places in Dubai in a very short time. Aykon city is the new project that is located at the sheikh zayed road that overlooks the great Dubai canal. This project offers its people the best and most exciting views of Dubai‘s most prestigious neighborhood.

The concept that is made for the aykon city is completely different than all other existing projects. The entire city is established in the range of metropolican city of Dubai. It is located in the prime and posh location of the city that is golden quadrant on zayed road. This project is bound to uplift your living standard. The aykon city will have six towers in two different phases. The initial phase is a mixture of five star hotel, luxury hotel rooms, and boutique offices. All the places are linked to the central podium that has a number of restaurants, retail stores, and many other source of entertainment. The second phase is all set for the launch of two towers which will be open to residents first.

The aykon city provides you with all the amenities that you were looking for. Here adventurous shall find more perspectives of looking at the city, huge buildings and sky scrapers. The aykon city is built up with the target of taking deigns to a huge level. The project inspirations are taken from glittering crystals of quartz. The entire city is made to give its residents awesome views from all the corners. The city is built up in the 40 million sqft master project in Dubai canal community. The tower A has aykon hotel apartments and aykon hotels. Hotel apartments are a new concept here that gives luxury in lifestyle of the home while you are away from your home. All the hotel rooms are well equipped by the staff and give the ease of relaxation on your stay. The house apartments are designed to be distinguished and sophisticated. The tower B has hotels and hotel rooms maintained by damac maison resorts and hotels. They have furnished and serviced flats that will crave you to have more. The tower C has a combination of both residence and hotels. You will get to experience the five star treatments at your own place that is your own home. The D tower has office space that increases your professional standard and profile.


Hotel rooms start from AED 834000.you get 14 days free stay each year. We have floor sales in both tower A and tower B you can book in anyone of them. We are now offering special discounts for people who make their down payment till 31st July.

The very first project launch on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road.Property placed to be overlooking Dubai Canal, with views of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhood .Damac properties by itself is a big brand name in the luxury real estate market, and with the launch of more and more newer projects with each passing day, their popularity is on the rise. By launching new projects every now and then and completing them with the speed of lightning, the Damac properties is all set to occupy the largest and most desired places of Dubai within a short span of time. Aykon City is a new project launched by the Damac properties and is the very first one of its own kind. The Aykon city is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road that also over looks onto the great Dubai canal. The aykon city offers its residents the best and most enchanting views of the city’s most prestigious neighborhood.

The concept set up for the establishment of the Aykon city is a totally different and unique one. The whole city is established within the range of the magnificent metropolitan city of Dubai. Located on the prime location of the city that is in the Golden Quadrant on the Sheikh Zayed Road, this sophisticated city is bound to bring uplift in the city’s standards. The first launch among all the projects overlooks the new Dubai canal. The Aykon city is a majestic community comprising of six sky high towers that are to be unveiled in two different phases. The first phase is a combination of the five star hotel, boutique office spaces and luxury hotel apartments. All these spaces are linked to the central podium that houses a number of retail stores, good dinning places and other sources of entertainment. The second phase is set for the launch of two more towers that will first be open to residents.

Dubai Aykon City by Damac Properties

The host to an amazingly wide variety of amenities provided by the Aykon Dare provides you all that you are in search of. Here, the adventurous shall discover more perspectives of seeing the city of sky rise buildings and sky scrapers. The Aykon city has been built up with the motto of taking designs to a greater height. The architectural inspiration of the Aykon is taken from the glittering crystals of quartz from which they are fashioned and the undulating sand dunes of the regional landscapes of Dubai. The City has been designed to offer its residents magnificent views from all corners possible. The city is situated within the 40 million square feet master project of the Dubai canal community.

Meera’s city, WALK and BOXPARK share neighborhood with the city that offers you with unmatched lifestyle environments clubbed together with shopping, a great outdoor ambience and dining experience. Tower A comprises of the Aykon Hotels and Hotel Apartments. Hotel apartments are a newer concept of providing luxury within the lifestyle of home away from home. All the hotel apartments are well serviced by the best professional staff and provide you the ease of complete relaxation on a holiday. The hotel houses apartments that are designed for the distinguished. It serves the guests who are in search of sophisticated and intelligent service from brands that have the best in class appeal and exclusivity. The B tower also has hotels and hotel apartments maintained by Damac Maison Hotels and resorts. These units have fully furnished and well serviced apartments with the most fine hotel services that will leave you wanting for more. The C Tower is a combination of hotels and residences. A home in the most enviable address sounds like a good way to go. Experience world class five star treatments in your own place that you call home. The Tower D consists of office spaces that elevate your professional profile and standards.

Aykon City Residences

On the Start of the holy month of Ramadan We have launched a new Property in Aykon City Tower C which is the residential tower in the project. It is strategically Located in the Golden Quadrant on Sheikh Zayed Road, the development will be a new architectural icon on the majestic Dubaicity skyline for many years to come . For those who want to make a good fortune in Property it is the best opportunity to invest and reap a handsome return in the coming years ahead. DAMAC Aykon City is a absolutely new and a completely unique concept in real estate of Dubai and is an entire city eloping within the magnificent metropolis of Dubai , UAE .

Aykon City

 AYKON City is the latest property launch in dubai – an entire city Located in the Golden Quadrant on Sheikh Zayed Road set within the magnificent metropolis of Dubai.The development will be a new architectural icon on the Dubai city skyline.

The first freehold project launch on Sheikh Zayed Road overlooking Dubai Canal, AYKON City comprises six towers, to be unveiled in two phases, the first of which combines a five-star hotel, luxury hotel apartments, and boutique office space linked by a central podium offering retail, dining and entertainment. The second phase will see the launch of two further towers, set to offer another regional ‘first’ for residents. Bookings of individual unit sales will be open on 11th June 2016 on a first come first serve basis. IF you shall be interested to know more about this project and are really keen to invest in the best property project in Dubai to earn huge returns Please contaxct us , WE have the following offerings coming up @ the New launch of Aykon City.A host of amazing amenities on site are topped, literally, by AYKON Dare, a magnificent al fresco experience for the adventurous that offers an entirely new perspective on the city and a breathtaking adrenaline rush.

Hotel rooms starting from AED 834,000.* With lucrative annual returns and 14 days free stay every year .* We have Floor sales in Aykon City Tower A – 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom in any of Aykon City Tower A or B or both. 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom in DAMAC Aykon City Tower A or B or both. We also have sales of studios and 1 bedroomin Aykon City Project by Damac Properties Dubai. We have special discounted rates for down payment bookings till 31 July 2016General Information and FAQ’s you should know about Aykon City Tower C in Dubai The anticipated completion date December 2021 – The building has Studios, 1 Bedrooms, 2 Bedrooms and 3 Bedrooms

Aykon City DUbai


The size of the units are as per the below table:

Type  Min Area Sq FtMax Area Sq Ft.
1 BR595793
2 BR990990
3 BR15961596
2nd InstallmentWithin 120 days of Sale Date10
3rd InstallmentWithin 360 days of Sale Date10
4th InstallmentOn Completion of basement structure10
5th InstallmentOn Completion 20th Floor Structure10
6th InstallmentOn Completion 40th Floor Structure10
7th InstallmentOn Completion of 50th Floor Structure10
8th InstallmentOn Completion of 60th Floor Structure10
9th InstallmentOn Completion10

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