All the Villas in the Trump Community are Interior Designed exclusively By TRUMP.



The true meaning of success DAMAC Properties invites you to the launch of The Trump Estates.


Luxury mansions and villas on the golf course in Dubai.


Featuring a selection of Vaastu-inspired villas. 

  • STATELY LIFESTYLES MANSIONS & VILLAS THAT MAKE A STATEMENT With a passion for meticulous craftsmanship, thoughtful design and glorious finishing, The Trump Estates raises the bar when it comes to elite living. Purveyors of luxury lifestyles have a choice of 100 bespoke mansions and villas, all graced by the signature Trump style. Whether mansions or villas, each of the living spaces is a testament to your success, no matter where you choose to make your home.


  • MAKE A STATEMENT WHERE YOU SHOP The Retail Centre at the soul of AKOYA by DAMAC is designed with you in mind. It’s where high fashion meets the high life, in true Beverly Hills style with fashion boutiques, coffee shops, and more. It’s a masterful medley of all the things you look forward to. Simply put, this is where you express your own sense of style.


  • REFINEMENT IS IN THE DETAILS It’s easy to be impassioned by the mansions at The Trump Estates. These are elegant and contemporary living spaces that draw effortlessly from the elements, most noticeably, air and light. The thoughtful design never discards beauty for functionality, managing to captivate anyone who ambles through the doors. The expertly finished kitchens and bathrooms complete the overriding feel of opulence.


  • BESPOKE LIVING AT ITS FINEST Within the mansions and villas at The Trump Estates, success makes its presence felt in no uncertain terms. While the walls, floors and ceilings befit your taste, the exceptional interior layout lets you express your own sense of style. The confluence of luxury and space attains a level of perfection that few can match. All things said, these bespoke living spaces are in a class of their own. EXQUISITE SPACES


  • SPECTACULAR LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION WITHIN THE BEVERLY HILLS OF DUBAI Spanning 42 million square feet, AKOYA by DAMAC is glittered with the most luxurious lifestyles nestled around a golf course and lush green park. Here, outdoor living springs to life with world-class retail & leisure spaces and other exclusive amenities. Adding another layer of gloss to the already glowing chronicle is The Trump Estates, quite easily the most desirable community, within the community.


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Many have the appetite, but only few have the taste. That’s precisely why The Trump Estates will host an exclusive selection of restaurants, cafés and other culinary experiences. There’s plenty to lure even the choosiest pleasure seeker, with the luxurious spa, state-of-the-art gymnasium, exclusive clubhouse and other fascinations, close at hand. TASTEFUL LIVING

Type of Trump Villa Plot Area in sft Built Up Area in sft
V-3-T 4856.46 4037
V-4-T 5056.78 3678
VD-1-T 7443.57 5191
VD-2-T 11556.35 8164
VD-3-T 12486.14 12019



The TRUMP ESTATES is in the Heart of the Luxury Township AKOYA – THE BEVERLY HILLS OF DUBAI.

The Township comprises the LargestTRUMP INTERNATIONAL 18 PGA GOLF COURSE in the MIDDLE EAST with a lavish 35000 sq feet GOLF CLUB


Payment Terms


Payment Plan
DP Immediate 24
I001 (blank) 0
I002 Within 180 days of Sale Date 10
I003 Within 360 days of Sale Date 10
I004 Within 450 days of Sale Date 10
I005 Within 540 days of Sale Date 10
I006 Within 630 days of Sale Date 10
I007 Within 720 days of Sale Date 10
I008 On Possession 10
I009 Within 900 days of Sale Date 10


All prices in this communication are valid only for today and subject to change without notice.

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