DSF Special Rebates 2019 by Damac Properties Dubai

Damac rental guarantee Property Dubai
Damac rental guarantee Property Dubai

Look to a secure future with DAMAC GRP!

Earn guaranteed 8% rental income for 5 years on prime real estate across Business Bay and Dubai Marina. Get the confidence of alternate income! T&Cs.

في ظل توقف الأعمال في هذه الفترة تطلع إلى مستقبل آمن مع خطة العوائد الإيجارية المضمونة من داماك
احصل على دخل إيجار مضمون بنسبة 8٪ لمدة 5 سنوات على العقارات الرئيسية في منطقة الخليج التجاري ودبي مارينا! تطبق الشروط والأحكام.


 Damac Properties Dubai

We are pleased to announce a special offer of never before rebates on select projects listed in the table below. Many of these projects have existing promotions running on them.


The DSF special rebates are available only WITHOUT any of the existing promotions and WITHOUT the DSF watch promo.

ProjectDSF RebatePromotions
Radisson (Artesia A)25% rebate10% net assured returns

+ free flights and 28 nights stay promos on 1BRs above 800 sqft and all 2BRs

Artesia B/C/D (furnished apts)20% rebate10% gross rental guarantee
Paramount Hotel Tower & Residences (hotel units)20% rebate7% gross assured returns

+ free flights and 28 nights stay promos on all 1BRs all 2BRs

Paramount Hotel Tower & Residences ( Residential units)10% rebate7% gross rental guarantee
Damac Hills villas priced above AED 4.4 mn (excluding Piccadilly Green, Trump Estates and Veneto clusters)20% rebate4% DLD waiver

10 years free service charges

Tenora30% rebateNo existing promos

Terms & conditions:

– The DSF rebate for each product is only available without any of the promotions running on that product.

– The DSF watch promo will not be offered on any of the products if the DSF rebate is taken by the buyer.

– if the buyer is following the guideline payment plan for the project then the DSF rebate will be only available as a rebate after 34% payment. However, if the buyer is paying a minimum of 24% as immediate DP, then the discount can be applied upfront on the price instead of as a rebate.

All prices in this communication are valid only for today and subject to change without notice.