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Akoya Imagine Plots

Akoya Imagine Plots

Akoya Imagine
Imagine a life which is surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful yet productive. We live in a
life where we need some peace of mind to get us going through every day’s hustle and bustle.
Akoya Imagine is the right places, where you get to build your own house, customize it as per
your needs and still have the luxury of staying right in the city.
Damac Developers have the best offer for their privileged customers. They are offering plots for
sale, which is set on a vast area of 55 million sq. Ft. Akoya Imagine bags the title of Dubai’s
greenest community. It gives you the freedom to design your own abode, your dream home and
finish it to perfection.
Akoya imagine has over 200 plots which are up for sale.
A plot in the greenest community of Dubailand is an investment which never fails to give you returns. Each plot measures the size of 1881 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. Damac Developers will make all the necessary arrangements for the required permits and license, so that you can solely concentrate on constructing. You will have
the liberty to change and modify any internal feature as per your specification. Once the owner
has invested in the plot, he will get up to 10 years to construct a villa on his plot. This way the
owner gets ample time to think about the changes he wants and get his resources in place. The
plots are divided in two clusters, namely – Hawthorn and Mulberry.
Why invest?
There are enough good reasons to invest in Akoya Imagine plots. Firstly, an investment in a plot
of any kind fetches more returns than banks or stock markets. You can save on taxes as Dubai
has no capital gains tax, no land tax and no income tax, which makes an easy option for
investment. According a survey, Dubai accounts for the world’s second best market for property
investment. One advantage that works in favor of its investors is the consistently higher rental
returns of 7.5% +. As compared to other countries, the property market is highly liquid. That
means, your money is not stuck once you invest.
Dubai is the emerging market for property investors. Its combined annual growth rate is higher
than that of other cities like London and Sydney. The currency of Dubai is quite stable as
compared to American Dollars. Dubai has the reputation of providing the best resources with
world class infrastructure. And its strategic location plays an important role in making it favorable
for the investors. It has also been seen that Dubai has the most stable economy in the world.
Why Akoya Imagine?
What makes Akoya Imagine the next destination for property investment? Sure, there are lots of
factors like location; greenery, vast land and comfortable life, but what take the cake is its
policies. Imagine Plots are known for their golf community. No need to head out in the city to
enjoy your game of golf, when you can play the same golf on a bigger course at your door step.
Imagine villa plots are hot property in Dubai as the supply is short and demand is high for these
plots. As discussed earlier, real estate is that kind of investment which gives attractive returns
and Akoya Imagine is no different. Once you invest in Imagine plots, you are set for the rest of
your life. This investment is less risky as compared to other forms of investment. So you can relax once you have invested in Imagine plots. The prices for the plot are fixed at AED 6, 00,000. Once you have made the decision of investing in Akoya Imagine, you need to pay mere low annual community charges of AED 6,500. After paying 20% of the plot value, a plot will be allotted to you. You can resale the same plot later after paying 4% registration charges.
Construction on the same plot is allowed only after paying 50% of the plot value. The developer
will provide all the construction permits and pre-approved villa designs. If owner wants a bigger
plot, then he can purchase 2 plots next to each and build a town house or a big villa. But the
license and the necessary permits required have to be arranged and managed by the owner himself.
The payment plan for Akoya Imagine will be done in 8 installments. They are: Immediate deposit of 24% should be made.
1.1 st installment – 0%
2. 2 nd installment should be made within 60 days from the sale date – 10%
3. 3 rd installment should be made within 120 days from the sale date – 10%
4. 4 th installment should be made within 240 days from the sale date – 10%
5.5 th installment should be made within 360 days from the sale date – 10%
6. 6 th installment should be made within 480 days from the sale date – 10%
7. 7 th installment should be made within 540 days from the sale date – 10% and
8. 8 th installment should be made within 720 days from the sale date – 20%
Akoya Imagine developers plan to complete the development of plots within next 5 years. The
location is ideal from all aspects. The venue is close to AL Maktoum International Airport, 2020
World expo, Dubailand, space and science world, Hamdan Sports complex, Arabian Ranche
and Akoya by Damac.
Benefits of investing in Imagine
The benefits of investing in Akoya Imagine outweighs his cons. Think about it in this way, that
you are investing in one of the Dubai’s hottest property. An investment is always a better idea
for retirement plans as real estate investments stays unaffected by market fluctuations. It can
also serve the need to fund your child’s education plan. Education expenses are always ever
increasing these days. An investment in real estate comes in handy for a rainy day. It’s not
every day that an offer like Akoya Imagine comes your way. It’s an unbelievable offer at a great
price and a great gift to your loved ones.

Akoya Imagine Plots:CALL+91 9958959555


  • We have over 200 plots for sale and these plots are spread over 2 clusters named Hawthorn and Mulberry as seen in the Master-plan attached
  • Each plot size ranges from 1881 sq.ft. to 2000 sq.ft. and typically you can build a 3 bedroom villa on the plot
  • We will supply the customer with the detailed design and construction permit so they don’t need to worry about the permits
  • The customer will be able to choose and vary all internal specs
  • The customer will have 10 years to finish construction
  • Plot can be resold after paying 20% and the 4% registration
  • Construction can commence after paying 50% of the plot
  • You can take plots next to each other and build a bigger villa or townhouse but permits will have to be directly by the owner.

Starting Price from AED 570,000/-  (For Full Cash Payment)

·         Starting Price from AED 600,000/- (With 2 Years payment plan)

·         Plots sizes are approximately 1881 Sqft where you can opt to build a standalone villa similar to V2-S2 with similar sellable area.

·         Allowed construction time is 10 Years.

·         Assignment allowed after paying 24% DP (20% and the 4% registration)

·         Start of Construction allowed @ 50% payment of the plot



Cash PP:

Installment Milestone Percentage
DP Immediate 104


2 Years Payment Plan- Payable Over 2 Years

Installment Milestone Percentage
DP Immediate 24
1st Installment (blank) 0
2nd Installment Within 60 Days of Sale Date 10
3rd Installment Within 120 Days of Sale Date 10
4th Installment Within 240 Days of Sale Date 10
5th Installment Within 360 Days of Sale Date 10
6th Installment Within 480 Days of Sale Date 10
7th Installment Within 540 Days of Sale Date 10
8th Installment Within 720 Days of Sale Date 20


Booking Criteria:


Availability & Booking Process
Availability & Booking Process The Plots shall be released for sale @ the Event  on 20th Aug,2016
Token Deposit for Individual unit booking Minimum AED 20,000/- token shall apply for any individual unit.



Expression of Interest (Imp Note):


–      Expression of Interest will be accepted by sales admin team at your respective offices and kindly ensure to send the receipt once successful transaction has been completed along with relevant docs to Sales Admin HO clearly stating client name.


–      At event first priority shall be given to the clients who have already paid Full DP. Subsequently other clients with EOI shall be called out by names inorder of sequence received at sales admin.



Eligibility Criteria:


–      Unit CANNOT be booked if the client have not paid deposit on any existing unit i.e “Pending DP” & “Pending  Docs”.

–      Reject & Re-booking of the units under this promotion is strictly not allowed; any deal found shall be rejected instantly.

–      Any Client with rejected unit(s) in the last 6 Months cannot buy unless full DP is Paid.

–      Once unit is confirmed @event switching of units is not permitted under any circumstances.

–      Minimum token amount of AED 20,000/-

 Akoya Imagine Plots For Details CALL +919958959555

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